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Italian Fabrics From Biella: Why Are They Special? If you love Italian suits or clothes, it must be interesting to know more about the source of your favorite fabrics. Most Italian fabrics come from Biella, known as Wool City. The City is situated northwest of Italy, at the foothills of the Alps. It neighbors Turin and Milan and is very close to the Switzerland and France boundaries. This City used to be known as Bugella before the name was later changed to Biella.

Why is Biella known as Wool City? The textile business in this City can be traced back to 1245. The City's geographical features significantly contributed to the textile industry's growth. Biella is surrounded by highlands, lakes, and natural streams. Initially, farmers started grazing sheep in the mountains, which later led to the growth of the wool industry. Years later, Biella's fine fabrics' reputation grew throughout Italy and Europe.

When the industrial revolution occurred, Germany, England, and France began implementing mechanical looms, opening up Biella's wool industry. Biella has continued to produce high-quality wool for years while maintaining the traditional methods. To date, industries bring wool to Biella to be cleaned with the famed soft waters and woven by skilled family artisans.

The fabrics from Biella have stood the test of time, and to date, leading clothing companies depend on the City for quality fabrics. Possibly, part of the reason why Italian fabrics are always in high demand across the globe.

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