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Women's Jackets

Women's Jackets

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1A0L Design Style: Fashion Edition 7 series

1A05 Body Structure: Front and Back Three-piece Separated

1521 Chest Reduction Type: Normal Chest Reduction

10N1 Collar Width: Collar Width 11.0cm

160T Flat Shoulder, Shoulder Width 2cm Wider than Normal Shoulder Width, Shoulder Length Measurement Method: Sleeve Length 1cm Longer than Normal Sleeve Length, Sleeve Length Normal Measurement Reduced by 1cm to Show Size, Not Suitable for People with Too Wide Shoulders

163C Shoulder Pad Type: Customer-specified flat or flat-tilted shoulder special pad-FDJ-NS8019

101W Sleeve Type: Sleeveless Cotton Strip (2.0CM wide 45-degree fabric strip added in front and back armhole, pay attention to use this fabric for sleeve assembly when cutting)

1A00 Suit Derivative: Women's Suit

1201 Pocket Type: Normal Pocket with Double Stitching and Pocket Flap

13A3 Pocket Flap Width: Wide 5.5cm Pocket Flap for Outer Large Pocket

1701 Hanging Form: Straight Hanging Form

1570 Outer Edge/Seam Type: No Outer Edge

1100 Chest Pocket Type: No Chest Pocket

19AU Collar or Lapel Type: R&D No.2 Stand-up Collar (Serial Port Drops 2cm)

15C5 Lining Style and Hem: Full Lining with Straight Hem and Normal Lower Hem

14N0 Back Vent Type: No Back Vent

102F Front Button Number: Double-row Two-button One

10E7 Collar Adjustment: Collar Lengthened by 5.0cm

1621 Sleeve Button Type: 4 Flat Buttons for Sleeve

1A07 Chest Lining Type: Special Large Chest Lining with Four Layers (Black Carbon Lining + Big Horse Tail Lining + Small Horse Tail Lining + Chest Velvet), CAD Designed Special Chest Lining Template

1612 Sleeve Vent Type: Real Sleeve Vent with Real Buttonhole

1672 Collar Bottom Felt Type: Customer-specified Collar Bottom Felt - FLD-W028

1714 Lining Color: Customer-specified Lining Fabric - FLLYH079

1638 Button Type: Customer-specified Button - KW071

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