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Women's Suit

Women's Suit

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1570 pick top stitch: pic stitch

10N0 Lapel Width: 10.0cm Lapel

1A0L Design Style: Fashion Edition 7 series

1A05 Body Structure: Front and Back Three-piece Separated

1521 Chest dart Type: regular chest dart

1635 Button Type: Fabric-covered Button

1681 Shoulder Type: Flat Shoulder, shoulder width 1cm wider than normal shoulder width, shoulder length measurement method: sleeve length is 1.5cm longer than normal sleeve length, the measurement of sleeve length is 1.5cm shorter than normal to show the size.

163C Shoulder Pad Type: Customer-specified flat or flat-tilted shoulder special pad-FDJ-NS8019

1A00 Suit Derivative: Women's Suit

1611 Sleeve Vent Type: Normal Sleeve Vent, normal lockstitch

1701 Hanging Surface Type: Straight Hanging Surface

1943 Waist Adjustment: Waist drops 1.0

1101 Chest Pocket Type: Normal Chest Pocket

19AU Collar or Lapel Type: Research and Development No.2 Lapel (Serial Port Drops 2cm)

14N0 Back Vent Type: No Back Vent

106R Front Button Number: Single Row One Button, Low Button Position

15C1 Lining Type and Hem: Full Lining, Normal Round Hem

1201 Hem Pocket Type: Normal Hem Pocket (Double Stitching with Flap)

13A3 Hem Pocket Flap Width: Wide Outer Hem Pocket Flap Width 5.5cm

1541 Lapel Buttonhole Position: Left Lapel Flower Hole (No Right Lapel Flower Hole)

1621 Sleeve Button Type: 4 Flat Buttons for Sleeve

00D1 Craft Type: No Combination Chest Lining (B Set Accessories)

1714 Lining Color: Customer-specified Lining Fabric - FLLYH045

1672 Collar Felt: Customer-specified Collar felt - JFLD-F900-46


2006 pant style:flared trousers. The hem adjustment is beyond the range. It is recommended to use elastic material with sagging, not wool, etc. (it is easy to cause uneven internal and external seams, quantity, overall shape, etc. The customer accepts the ready-to-wear effect)

2015 Waistband 4.5cm

201A Arc shape waistband

2104 front pockets style:2.5 arc slant pocket

2201 back pocket style:single besome fake back pockets(no buttonhole and button)

2329 No belt loop

2401 fly style:fold straight fly

241U Sword head length 4cm

2421 extender style:Fangbao Sword Head, Hook and Buckle (Only for use with a sword head length of 4cm and above)

2431 Fabric waistband and waistband piping match knee linning

2502 Front lining, pocket inside the lining

252B back seam with piping following the knee fabric color

25M2 pocket fabric style:Round pocket cloth with clear line inside and outside when not in trousers

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